Chalet Holidays in Canada

Canada is a fantastic country to experience an authentic chalet holiday. From idyllic coastal retreats to mountain top hideaways, Canada really does have something for everyone. Chalet holiday in Canada really will have something for all the family.

Once you have decided you would like to try a chalet holiday deciding which type of holiday you'd like to try can be hard. The wide variety of destinations and chalet types can leave some wondering where to start. To help, here's some pointers.

Firstly, what kind of holiday location appeals to you?

Town based chalet

Village chalet

Seafront/Beach chalet

Resort chalet

Rural chalet

Mountain chalet

Each Canada chalet type has it's own appeal, and it can be hard to narrow down to just one option. In order to narrow your selection think about what you would like to do while on your holiday. Your choice of activities can be greatly affected by location, so consider...

What do you want to experience on your chalet holiday?


Horse Riding


Water Sports







There are few areas of Canada which can cater for all of the above, though surprisingly Alpine mountain chalets can cater for all of the above and much more. 

What kind of chalet would you like?

Self Catering chalet

Fully Catered chalet

Luxury chalet

When choosing your level of chalet and service think very carefully about what you need and check the chalet you are looking at can provide for you. Some chalet a louer stoneham luxury chalets will include WiFi, a hot tub, a BBQ, DVD player, games consoles, open fires, and even private shuttle services.

What time of year are you going on holiday?





Some chalets and resorts in Canada are not open all year round depending on their location. Again surprisingly, chalets in the stoneham in some locations such as 21 chemin blanc, are open in both summer an winter. In the winter they serve as ski chalets to one of the largest ski areas in the Alps, the Grand Massif. In the summer they serve as excellently located accommodation with access to a wide range of summer sports and activities for all the family.

If you are considering a ski chalet or other chalet holiday make sure you consider all affecting factors, from location to menu, season to local amenities. By checking you will have everything you wanted from your chalet holiday, you can expect to have a fantastic time and may even wish to return in another season.

Happy Holidays!